The Nature of The Yoga of awareness into darkest corner of the body

Yog Priya

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Upa Yoga

1st step towards your complete well being

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Ang mardhana

A yogic gym

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Surya Kriya

Activating the sun within you

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Bhuta Shuddhi

purify or cleanse the body

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Yog Priya

Yoga is not about twisting your body or standing on your head. It is a technology of wellbeing.

– Sadhguru

‘Yoga’ is one of the most common words with different meanings and different yoga benefits for different people. While some think yoga is just about bending the body or holding the breath, others believe that it is about losing weight and getting a perfectly toned body.

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Yoga in real sense means ‘Union,’ and it is the state of well-being where the body, mind, and the energies are in perfect balance with each other and together attain everlasting happiness.  Among many benefits of yoga, the biggest is that it empowers you to see the reality and experience oneness of everything at the state of self-consciousness.

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Welcome to Yogpriya, which is an effort, an initiative, backed by honest intention to make this world connected through Yoga. It seems like Yoga has been around us in our lives for quite a while, but the reality is, it is an age-old method of healing and refreshing that was being practiced by rishis and sadhus. Yogpriya is like a community, which will become a great source of information on Yoga, health, well-being, and holistic lifestyle.

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Statistics of Yoga

Health by reducing anxiety, stress and depression, allowing you to be happier

A study conducted on 536 Isha practitioners showed improvements in the following areas:

Concentration 77%
Mental Clarity 98%
Emotional Balance 92%
Energy Levels 84%
Productivity 77%
Inner Peace 94%
Self Confidence 82%

Percentage of people reporting improvements with regular kriya practice

Hypertension 67%
Asthma 79%
Headaches 90%
Diabetes 71%
Back/Neck Pain 74%
Digestive Disorders 73%
Anxiety 90%
Depression 95%
Insomnia 84%