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Hatha yoga is not body-bending business. It is about taking charge of the way you think, feel, and perceive life.

– Sadhguru

Angmardana, designed by Sadhguru, is the ultimate yoga gym practice. “Angamardana” means, gaining complete supremacy over the limbs, organs and other parts of the body. As per its name, this practice revitalizes the whole body on all levels, including the blood circulation, muscles, nervous system, skeletal structure, and the primary energy system, it is a perfect yoga for weight loss.

Hatha yoga is not body-bending business. It is about taking charge of the way you think, feel, and perceive life.


Angamardana is a system deeply rooted in Yoga that offers everyone the opportunity to rejuvenate the body and to reach peak physical and mental health. Angamardana enables you to live a vibrant and active life. Regular practice of Angamardana ensures that the blood sugar levels are maintained, and rejuvenates the body and heightens and maintains energy levels throughout the day, it is also a yoga for back pain and aims to lower it significantly.

It needs no fitness equipment! It is of universal appeal and application, and it has the potential to take years off from the body. All you need to have to perform it is your body and a few floor exercises that can be practiced even while you travel.

It also helps in getting relief from problems like Lumbar problem, incontinence, insomnia, obesity, Addiction, mental imbalance (depression, mood disorder, psychosis).

Practice Requirements

  • Suitable for ages 8+
  • High-level intensity
  • No experience of yoga necessary
  • Further details released after registration


To activate member pricing, please purchase a membership from the pricing page before you register for the workshop
  • Angamardana Workshop $300
  • Member discounted price $225
Includes 5 Days class of 2 hr. each & 2 Practice sessions of 1 hr

Benefits of Angamardana

  • Helps in weight-loss

  • Strengthen the spine, skeletal system and muscular system

  • Build physical strength, fitness, and tenacity

  • Take years off the body, bringing a sense of lightness and freedom

  • Brings great ease to the whole system

  • Relieves physical stress and tiredness

  • Strengthens the joints and muscles

  • Prepares the body for Hatha Yoga

  • Activates the energy and also lubricates the joints, creating an instant sense of alertness and liveliness.

  • Revitalizes the body including the muscles, blood circulation, skeletal and nervous systems


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