Yoga For Corporates

Yoga for the wellbeing of those people who make a company

How successful you are in life, simply depends on how well you can use your body and mind. This program offers simple but powerful yoga postures to bring stability and balance between body, mind and energies

– Sadhguru

Today’s corporate life is full of stress, anxiety, work-life imbalance, competition, and a sedentary lifestyle. It is vital to establish a daily routine of exercise, good food, and meditation for complete relaxation of mind and body. Corporate yoga is a step to address the issues of corporate life designed especially for the blue and white collar employees who work 9 to 5 for a complete six days. It is taxing to work and sit at the same place for long, the prolonged sitting results in an increase in weight, neck and shoulder pain and stiffness of body joints along with the adverse effect on eyesight.

Corporate yoga is a series of a carefully monitored program that includes asana, kriyas, and meditation. A 30 min of corporate yoga class do wonders to the body and is great for wellbeing and enhance productivity too. Isha Upa Yoga is particularly beneficial for professionals; it covers simple yoga postures, and breathing techniques for an improved mental focus, emotional balance, and body relaxation.

Yoga for the Workplace is aimed at making the workplace more meaningful; the aim is to create a joyful and active atmosphere where the employee feels more connected. Workplace yoga makes the body more tuned to professional demands, increase the productivity of the employees, and they deliver more than the expected outcomes. Workplace yoga has rewarding benefits, and more and more companies are availing the classes for its employees.

At Yogpriya, we offer workplace yoga programs that are a perfect blend of asanas and meditation conceived for busy corporate executives who work day and night relentlessly to make a decent living for their families. We teach methodical yoga postures, which reduce stress and improves the flexibility of the body that empowers employees and proves beneficial for the company, eventually. Yoga at the workplace also promotes a culture of health, and hence, every employee understands how his excellent health will contribute to the overall functioning of the organization.

Practice Requirements

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Low-level intensity workout
  • No prior experience of yoga necessary
  • Classes are best scheduled before lunch, as participants need to have an empty or light stomach

  • Classes are best scheduled before lunch, as participants need to have an empty or light stomach
  • Yoga classes require the use of a quiet, vacant room
  • Each participant requires approximately 1m x 2m of bright space
  • Further details released after registration

Pick your corporate yoga program

Based on beginner-level Isha™ Upa Yoga practices, classes cover simple yoga postures and breath techniques for enhanced wellbeing, mental focus, emotional
balance and bodily rejuvenation. The practices are not physically demanding, and present almost no risk of injury.
Upa Yoga: Gentle activation of the joints, muscles and energy system
Pranayam: For peace and calmness of mind
Chita Shakti: Meditation for Health
An invigorating program under the corporate yoga program, the Energize and Burn program’s objective is to burn calories to cut the flab from the body, add strength so that the employee  feel light. Once their weight is under control, it definitely adds to their productivity and relaxes their mind that eventually increases their focus.
The program includes;
Angamardana: Master the Limbs
Thopukarnam: Brain Yoga
Chita Shakti: Meditation for Health
The Peace & Balance program is yet another successful program under the yoga for corporate program. As the name suggests, the program’s ultimate aim is to provide peace and balance to employees and relieve them from chronic health conditions. The program stabilizes their body and mind towards higher possibility and stimulates their energy system. 
The program includes;
Yogasanas: A select set of 21 asanas to stabilize body, mind and energy system.
Bhastrika Kriya: Balances vata, kapha& pita, improves respiration & brain function
Chit Shakti: Meditation for Peace
The Vitality & Vigor program is perfect for people working in corporate. It increases mental clarity and focus and keep the hormone level optimum. It encourages the practitioner to undertake few minutes of meditation and as a result adds to their mental strength and peace. 
The program includes
 Surya Kriya: Process for health and complete inner well-being
Nadi Shudhi: Cleanses the nadis to balance the system and psychological well-being
Chit Shakti:    Meditation for Success

Benefits for Corporates


  • Enhances the health and wellbeing of employees
  • Helps reduce absenteeism and improves mental health
  • Infuse positivity and productivity in the workplace
  • Improves work-life balance and maintain optimum stress level
  • Give rise to innovative thinking and increase Decision Making
  • Advances Memory, Focus & Concentration
  • Rejuvenate the ergonomic postures of employees
  • Relieve physical stress and stiffness
  • Improves Morale & positive thinking patterns
  • Negate the effects of extended travel or jetlag


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